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i hope this note meets you well.

i am writing to offer some insight and also share observations i made concerning the art featured on this website as examples of my practice.

these artworks function as platforms to stimulate and/or sustain thought. in that way they could help you reimagine functionalities of objects (art also constituting objects), and reconsider your sources of knowledge. through form, they complicate historical specificity, possessing indefinite meaning and uses. the artworks go on to make legible, the pretentious concepts of universalism, which tends to monopolize and replace subjectivity with a yet to be attained homogeneity and objectivity.

i am not consciously scripting a story with these artworks because everything functioning as a repository of memory(ies), already bears and tells a story. therefore, the artworks perform innate poetics and reveal (a) meaning/narrative(s) to on-lookers with varied shades of truths.

these artworks were made at different intersections and crossroads. by various criteria, appearance being the most common of them, they could be grouped into series. however, they are sporadically appearing on this website like a nexus of images. i sometimes perceive them to function like sunsets on the horizon which occur regularly whether we are watching or not. so, the art exists independent of our empathy or solidarity—aiding in a reassessment of our ideological beliefs.

at the time of writing this letter, i am uncertain of what this kind of art should be called. but to call it “black art” out of convenience, based on the knowledge of my ancestry, is quite limiting, redundant and harmful to the audience's capacity to use imagination and intuition.

i hope you enjoy moving through the images of artworks on this website—making meaning and narrative(s) for your individual and collective selves. if nothing else, i assume at least that they constituted beautiful things to look at.

there is a saying among the elders, “wherever something stands, something else will stand beside it.” one proverb puts forward a notion, another one surfaces and sets a limit to the former. so, be in touch when and if you can. i have often preferred conversations in replacement of grand statements.

best wishes,


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